About Glen Cove

In the early 1970’s Glen Cove was developed as a vacation and recreation area by the Windfield Corporation. Ideally located on the Pasquotank River, it offered affordable property in a rural setting.  Canals were dug, roads laid out, a water system installed, and about 200 lots offered for sale.  A 5 acre community “park” area along the river included a clubhouse, pier and pool.  It was a busy area on weekends and holidays.

Today’s Glen Cove is generally known as the entire residential area at the end of Soundneck Road (Route 344).  Over the years Glen Cove has become primarily residential favored by retirees and those wanting a water venue.  There is very little new construction due to the small lot sizes not supporting adequate septic systems.  Most of the properties remain undeveloped and have passed on to the heirs of the original owners.

The Glen Cove Property Owners Association (GCPOA) is composed of the original 215 lot tract.  There are about 150 owners for these lots.  GCPOA’s purpose is to maintain common areas, serve the interests of our homeowners, protect and enhance our properties, and provide value for our homeowners assessments.  Established in 1968 as a nonprofit corporation, it is governed by two principal documents: Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws.  These documents do not provide for effective management since they have not been revised to include state and local legislative actions.  The annual property assessment was never increased and this lack of funds over the years resulted in loss of Clubhouse, pool and pier.  GCPOA has three goals/challenges: revise governing documents, increase operating budget, and improve the level of member and community involvement.

To get to Glen Cove, follow Route 344 south from Elizabeth City, NC to the southern end of Pasquotank County.

On the way you will pass:

... and through a lot of farm land especially suited to potatoes and cabbage until you reach the end of Rt 344 on the western bank of the Pasquotank River.

"Pasquotank - where the bull frogs leap from bank to bank."

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